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How to Use Your Secret Sauce

Secret Sauce colostrum collector & syringe is a do-all syringe that's built to last. Multi-functional with an optional "paci cap", you can ditch the drug store one-use plastic guys for this BPA free stunner.

What you'll learn

Secret Sauce is meant to help supplement a baby in the early days before introducing a bottle. The "paci cap" is removable and boasts a y-shape, dispenser that supports milk flow down the cheeks, saving your baby from a rush of milk—and you from stressing. Our slow 'n' steady push makes Secret Sauce easy to use for the breastfeeding parent or any partner when administering supplemental nutrition. Meant for liquid gold colostrum, mature milk or formula, these are our tips for maximizing use of your Secret Sauce, including how to activate the sucking reflex.

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