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Swehl’s Talk Circles

You don’t have to go it alone.


A new way to baby group.

Join us for expert-led, small group zoom sessions with other cool people. Unrecorded, unfiltered and un-boring, every time!

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  • Swehl Circles

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    Receive confirmation & pop the invite on your calendar

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  • Come as you are— mic optional, vibes required


  • Lori Bregman

    Doula & Author, Founder, Seedlyfe

  • Miles Garber

    Founder & Father, Call Me Dada

  • Allison Oswald

    Pelvic Health Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Alex Taylor

    Co-Founder, Perelel

  • Samantha Duenas

    DJ, Host & Performing Artist

  • Amanda Chantal Bacon

    Author & Founder, Moon Juice

  • Elise Peterson

    Creator & Host, COOL MOMS

  • Christy Dawn Baskauskas

    Mother & Creator; Founder, Christy Dawn

  • Amrit

    DJ & Host

  • Carson Meyer

    Birth Doula, Founder, C & The Moon

  • Brandi Jordan

    IBCLC, Sleep Expert, Postpartum Doula, The Cradle Company

  • Amanda Steele

    Owner, Steele

  • Janell Hickman

    Beauty Editor & Copywriter

  • Lauren Goldfaden

    Founder, Goldfaden MD, Mini Bloom

  • Sharmadean Reid

    Founder, The Stack World

  • Jane Helpern

    Creative Director, Ritual & Moxie

  • Betsy Riley

    Co-Founder, Swehl

  • Morgan Dixon

    Head of Community & Lactation Specialist, Swehl

  • Elizabeth Myer

    Co-Founder, Swehl

  • Dr. Amaka Priest

    Pediatrician, Larchmont Pediatrics

  • Leslie Schrock

    Maternal Health & Wellness Advocate, Author, Bumpin'

  • At first, I was intimidated to join a Swehl Circle - I am an introvert and talking on camera can be stressful. The Swehl community is so warm; I feel welcome even if I don't turn on my mic.

    Irene R


  • The idea of a "mom group" never really resonated with me, but Swehl Circles feel relevant to my journey and always fill me up.

    Angela C

    Los Angeles

  • The Swehl community has saved my postpartum journey! I have met new, real friends through Swehl Circles, and now we even meet up weekly with our babies—a true game-changer for me.

    Amalia Z

    Los Angeles


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    Shout out to the community leaders! If you have an awesome group that you want to bring together on Swehl's platform, we want you to get involved by hosting. Sign up to lead & promote your own Swehl Circle with our team's support.

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