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Aug 7

Parenthood Real Talk

Morgan Dixon, Head of Community & Lactation Specialist

August 7, 1am

Let's be real for a sec. Parenthood is awesome but can also be a major adjustment as you get to know this new version of yourself, all while caring for one (or more) children. You are most likely also balancing a career, relationships, and/or everything else life can throw at you. It can be A LOT! Often times, we go through it all alone, thinking we are the only ones experiencing this and it can feel very, very isolating. Our Parenthood Real Talk circles are here to remind you that you don't have to go it alone.

About the Host

Morgan Dixon is a lactation specialist, holistic nutritionist, and Head of Community at Swehl. After her own transformative breastfeeding journey, Morgan left her career in fashion and returned to school to study lactation with one goal: to help women trust themselves when it comes to feeding their children. Her motto? Breastfeeding can actually be really cool. She is also the mother of two boys, Gray and Holdy.

Want in? Request to Join

Here's why we do this: Swehl Circles are intimate sessions. The magic happens between parents who are going through similar pain points, challenges and experiences. We curate each Circle around similar due dates and birth dates and we keep them small so that everyone gets a chance to share. If you need urgent assistance, please reach out to us at . Otherwise, request a Swehl Circle here .