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The Nips Duo

Quick relief for chapped and sore nips


Calm de Nips and Balm de Nips are a dynamic duo that helps alleviate common nipple pain from cracked and sore nipples. Name a better pair—we'll wait...

  • Swehl
    Multi-use & Reusable
  • Swehl
    Durable Materials
  • Swehl
    Easy on the Eyes
  • Swehl
    Expert Approved

Ask away

  • Nips Duo saved me a few weeks after I had my daughter. Seriously soothing stuff!!

    Andrea S


  • Nips Duo was amazing at healing my chapped nipples, and I felt great knowing that everything was organic and made locally.

    Talia R

    Los Angeles

  • Never thought I'd treat my nipple care like a face routine haha. Loved Nips Duo and my moment of self-care.

    Ana C

    Los Angeles

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