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Apr 17

Let's Talk About Mental Health

Alessandra Torresani, Actress, Mental Health Advocate, Podcast Host, Mother

April 17, 5pm

There is still a lot of normalizing that needs to be done around postpartum mental health and Alessandra Torresani is on a mission to do just that. If the data has shown us anything, it's that postpartum mood disorders are unbelievably common, but due to the stigma surrounding this topic, we are often too scared to share our stories and the experience becomes isolating. Trust us when we say, no matter how lonely it can feel at times, you are anything but alone. We invite you to join us for a vulnerable and connected circle, where you will feel safe to share your story. We can't wait to see you there.

About the Host

Alessandra Torresani is an actress, mental health advocate, and host of Emotional Support, a funny and revealing podcast about mental health. After her own experience with postpartum depression, she became passionate about removing stigma and creating safe spaces for parents to share their stories. She lives in Los Angeles and is a mother to one year old, Lady.

Want in? Request to Join

Here's why we do this: Swehl Circles are intimate sessions. The magic happens between parents who are going through similar pain points, challenges and experiences. We curate each Circle around similar due dates and birth dates and we keep them small so that everyone gets a chance to share. If you need urgent assistance, please reach out to us at . Otherwise, request a Swehl Circle here .