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May 25

Fourth Trimester Real-Talk Survival Guide

Amrit & Samantha Duenas, DJ’s, Hosts & Parents

May 25, 5pm

The sh*t you wish they told you—so they will! Amrit & Samantha dive into their own 4th trimester highs and lows, and share the advice they often give to one another. Each of these women have amazing careers and possess a sense of self that they were able to maintain through parenthood—even if things do look a bit different on the other side. Come chat about identity, the wild ride that is postpartum, and why sometimes you just need to go out on that Tuesday night.

About the Host

Amrit, a DJ and music curator, is also the host of the podcast Unhinged that facilitates underrepresented perspectives. Unhinged often features topics in the parenting space, such as fertility, lactation, pregnancy, parenting techniques & more. She is the parent of baby Frankie Ava.

Samantha, or SOSUPERSAM, is a seasoned DJ and a familiar name in the international music circuit. She is co-founder of legendary R&B Party 143 and an on-air personality. Samantha is a parent and creative designer behind our fav Mommy & me bucket hat in collab with our friends at Freestyle and MILKTEETH.

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Here's why we do this: Swehl Circles are intimate sessions. The magic happens between parents who are going through similar pain points, challenges and experiences. We curate each Circle around similar due dates and birth dates and we keep them small so that everyone gets a chance to share. If you need urgent assistance, please reach out to us at . Otherwise, request a Swehl Circle here .